The Top 50 Tennis Blogs

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When it comes to sports that are both challenging and social, it’s hard to beat tennis. Played as singles or doubles, this traditional court game provides a fantastic work out and also a great opportunity to socialize.

Tennis is about pushing yourself to the next level of tennis expertise and finessing your serve and return skills as you go along. It’s by no means an easy sport, but the rewarding feeling of progressing to the next level makes it more than worth the effort.

A wealth of tennis information and tips on how to improve your tennis game can be found online. Tennis players tend to be very passionate about their sport, and are keen to pass their knowledge on to other players.

Our team at VeteransBenefitsGIBill has rounded up some of the very best tennis blogs that serve as excellent resources for tennis advice, knowledge and the latest news and updates on the professional world of tennis.

These blogs will inform you on how to improve your game and strokes as well where the best tennis clubs are located. You can even use these sites to connect with tennis players to play future games with.

We are happy to award badges to each of our bloggers that made the list, and we encourage you to share our list of blogs with others who are interested in this exciting sport.

Congratulations to the bloggers that have made the list and have fun on the courts!

Tennis on Tennis has been Awarded as one of the Top 50 Tennis Blogs of 2012

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