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If they move Winter Classic To New Year’s Eve.. Do they Call it the 2011 Winter Classic again?

Can they still consider this an “Annual” event if it isn’t actually a year later minimum?

Without a known TV Contract.. Philly shouldn’t be considered a favorite for next Winter Classic.

Granted if NBC comes back, and it is likely, then it is looking more and more like it will end up in Philly.

LA Kings fans… Don’t lose hope, but hope is moving to Philly.

According to Gary Bettman, there won’t be a new decision until after the Heritage Classic.

He also stated that there are only six teams that NBC considers part of the NHL: Philadelphia Flyers, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Washington Capitals, Detroit Red Wings, and Chicago Blackhawks.

The NHL shouldn’t be afraid to take the Classic out West..

The weekend high in Las Vegas, site of the original outdoor game, is expected to be 41 and sunny.. Much better conditions then in Pittsburgh this Saturday.

This article from Yahoo should sum up how the Hockey Gods seem to be playing a joke on us…

Dodger Stadium looks good in white.



Game action from last night’s 24/7 episode did for hockey what no movie has ever been able to capture.

The live game footage between the Pens and Caps, for the first time, gave a true perspective on TV… for how fast the game really is played.

Its January 1st in Pittsburgh.. and 54 degrees with Rain..??

The high in Las Vegas on the same day… 39 Degrees.

I’m not comparing Vegas to Hell.. but I think Hell is freezing over…

The First Outdoor Game. Sept. 27, 1991 Caesars Palace

Los Angeles Kings vs. New York Rangers


Please no rain…


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